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4 Traps for winter weight gain

1. Hot drinks

Who can resist a warm, fresh coffee or creamy hot chocolate? A large cafe-style drink can give you up to 1400kJ (335cal) – twice the kilojoules of a healthy snack. Choose smaller sizes and ask for reduced fat milk.

2. Mashed potato
It’s smooth and buttery, and tastes so good! And this is why it’s so easy to overeat. Hold back on the butter (adding just a dash of milk), and try mashing in som cauliflower or carrots to boost your fibre.

3. Puddings
In summer, fruit is a refreshing way to end a mea, but in winter we search for something warming. Rich, self-saucing puddings and crumbles are loaded with fat and sugar, so watch the portions and don’t have them often.

4. Creamy sauces
A small dish of creamy pasta has close to 3000kJ (720cal), almost half your daily needs if you’re trying to lose weight. Tomato-based sauces are the best option, and add a teaspoon of grated parmesan if desired.

4 Traps for winter weight gain

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