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5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids 1

Choosing healthy snacks for kids is a challenge for parents nowadays. Moreover, making the kids eat these snacks is all the more difficult. This is because we try to make them eat the healthy food in their usual forms. How about giving these foods a shape of snacks which they love?

There are many health issues on rise among children. Obesity, Diabetes, different types of infections have been weakening children’s immunity. However, healthy snack ideas for kids are the perfect solution for getting all the nutrients in the kids’ bodies.

Here are 5 healthy snacks ideas for kids which can benefit them.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is regarded as a good source of protein and fiber which strengthens the kids’ bodies. Try applying it on whole wheat bread, or rice cakes, or whole grain waffle. You can even dip your celery sticks into the peanut butter which can also make for a healthy snack for kids.


It is no secret that kids love Quesadillas. So, get your brains working to turn Quesadillas into a healthy snack. Cheese is a brilliant source of calcium as well as protein. However, if you use flour tortilla, it can possess a high health quotient. One can also make use of whole wheat tortillas and even go for a layer of refried beans. You can even shred some meat, vegetables, or chicken on the tortilla.

Smoothies and Snacks

5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids 2

Shakes and smoothies have always been used as a treat for kids. So, why not use it in a healthy manner. Get creative with your smoothies recipes. You can start with juices and then add fruits and yogurt as per your taste. Add the non-fat milk or soy milk which has more body building ingredients than the normal milk. In fact it is much easier to experiment with smoothies and shakes than any other food item.


5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids 3

Yogurt is already counted among the healthy snacks for kids. However, many of the yogurt brands are filled with sugar and unnecessary calories. Thus, try to use the Greek style yogurt which is low on calories. It has twice the protein and less sugar content.


5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids 4

Nothing can be better than fruits as snacks. Use them in desserts, shakes, creams, etc and get your kids the perfect balance of health and taste.

These healthy snack ideas are ideal for completing the energy needs for your kids.

5 Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids

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