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Incredible Buckeye Brownie Cookies

Chocolate and peanut butter are a classic combination in American desserts. Buckeyes are a favorite in a lot of places in the country, but nowhere more than Ohio. These wonderful treats look just like the seeds of the buckeye tree that serves as a symbol for the state. The main …

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Chocolate Chip Bars

Chocolate chip cookies of any sort are always a hit. Of course, not all chocolate chip cookies are equal, as any cookie lover could tell you. This chocolate chip bars recipe is one of the best. What’s unusual about this recipe is that it uses cake mix. Now, I don’t …

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Apple Pie Bars

There’s hardly anything more American than apple pie. Whether eaten at as a family tradition, at a local mom-and-pop restaurant, or at a chain like Cracker Barrel, almost everyone has tried the classic dessert. Of course, like most foods, it’s much better homemade. As anyone who has made a pie …

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Green Goddess Smoothies

Preparation time: 5 minutes Yield: 3–4 servings Here’s a delicious nutritional gold mine for all vegetarians. People often wonder about protein and vitamin B12. Combining sunflower seeds (soaked to increase enzyme activity and protein absorption), flaxseed oil, and organic spirulina (a great vegan source of B12 that, by weight, contains …

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Georgia Peach Wake-Up Shakes

Preparation time: 5 minutes Yield: 3–4 servings Down in rural Georgia, in just the right season, you can find roadside farm stands with the most luscious peaches on earth. One time we cut some up and popped them in the blender to make a shake. Having won immediate approval from …

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