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Best online backup images in Google+

Top 10 cloud-based apps Best online backup images in Google+Social networking services have become essential tools for anyone wanting to share their photos. Google+ is as the forefront of this. With the older Picasa Web Albums service now fully integrated, Google+ is a fantastic way of sharing, or simply storing your pictures.

Step 1: Sign in
Head over to and log in to your Google account. You’ll now see the main screen with all your recent updates as well as those from the people you follow.

Step 2: Check the Photos icon
Unless it’s your first time using Photos in Google+, in which case you’ll see the Get Started screen shown above, you’ll need to click Home in the top-left to find Photos.

Step 3: Add your photos
Click the ‘Add photos’ button and a new window will open. There are two ways to add pictures – dragging and dropping or by locating a specific folder on your hard drive.

Step 4: Drag and drop
We’re using the drag and drop solution here. Find the images you want to upload and highlight them and drag them into the browser window.

Step 5: Choose your album
To keep your pictures organised they will be placed in a folder. By default they’ll go into a new folder named for today’s date. You can type in a new name for the folder.

Step 6: Create album
Click Create album and it will scan the shots looking for faces, and when it identifies any you can tag them either by choosing people you follow or adding their name.

Step 7: Sharing photo
Add a comment for the album and choose who to share it with. By default it will be everyone, unless you choose a specific circle. To not share at all, click Skip.

Step 8: View your Gallery
Return to the Photos icon and select the Albums option. Here you can see all your albums. You can view the pictures, see who they are shared with and read comments.

Step 9: Delete an album
To delete an album click the More button in the top right of the window and select Delete album. You can also download an album to save a local copy of it.

Best online backup images in Google+

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