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Book Reviews – Divorce The Ultimate Teen Guide

Book Reviews - Divorce The Ultimate Teen GuideIt has been estimated that at least half of the children in America come from families that have been affected by divorce and effects of divorce on children. Of those children, more than half will see a parent’s second marriage dissolve as well. The impact of divorce on teens can be devastating, adversely affecting their attitudes, behaviors, and schoolwork, as well as their relationships with both friends and family.

Divorce: The Ultimate Teen Guide focuses on the difficulties young people face in the wake of an epidemic that affects so many families. This book offers encouragement, insights, and resources to help teens cope with the challenges that come from living with divorce. Chapters address such issues as:

  • Managing parental conflicts
  • Financial concerns
  • Communication problems
  • Placing blame and taking sides
  • Depression
  • Living in a stepfamily

Featuring stories about and quotes from young people and adults who have experienced parental separation and divorce, this book will be helpful for readers who are trying to deal with similar situations. With an emphasis on strategies and resources, Divorce: The Ultimate Teen Guide will help young people cope with this often devastating experience.

Chapter 1: Dealing with Parental Separation and Divorce
Chapter 2: Divorcing in the Past
Chapter 3: Breaking Up
Chapter 4: Struggling and Hurting
Chapter 5: Placing Blame and Taking Sides
Chapter 6: Being in the Middle
Chapter 7: Worrying about Money
Chapter 8: Coping with Addiction, Depression, and Jailed Parents
Chapter 9: Learning to Cope with Divorce
Chapter 10: Living in a Stepfamily
Chapter 11: Staying Connected and Communicating after Divorce
Chapter 12: Planning for a Future Marriage or Not

Book Reviews – Divorce The Ultimate Teen Guide

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