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Book Reviews – How to Succeed with Women

Book Reviews - How to Succeed with WomenThe bestselling guide to being a ladies? man?revised and updated.

Providing clear, no-nonsense solutions for many difficult dating/relationship problems, this is an invaluable guide for any man who?s been stymied by the ?rules? of the dating game.

Intended for single or divorced men, it delivers specific, detailed advice on how and where to meet women, how to talk to them, how to ask a woman out, how to prepare for a date and keep the conversation flowing. It explains how to be a success romantically, revealing the five keys and five blocks to intimacy that can keep a relationship going or derail it completely. Readers will also learn how to know if she?s the one?and know when it?s over.

chapter one …
So You Want Success with Women
What This Book Will Teach You
The Seven Dating Myths
chapter two …
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Seducers
Understanding Women’s Biggest Fear
You Can Be a Nerd and Still Score
It’s Not Rocket Science
You’ve Got What It Takes
“It’s an Attitude”
We Learned the Hard Way
Modeling Successful Seducers
The Habits of a Highly Successful Seducer
chapter three …
Elements of Style: Dress and Confidence
Why Have Personal Style?
Defining Your Style
The Commitments of Style
What You Say With How You Dress
Women Do It!
The Three Helpers That Make You Look Better
The Four Rules of Clothing
The 13-Point Body Makeover for Being Attractive to Women
Details— The key to Women’s Hearts (And Pants)
What If You Are Fat and Out of Shape, or Ugly?
Three Ways to Make Your Car into a Rolling Seduction Chamber
The Five Secrets of A Seductive Home
How to Become Confident With Women
Overcoming the Two Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Confidence
Overcoming Fear of Hurting Women
Other Confidence Builders: Easy Ways to Raise Your Confidence Level
Be in “The Zone”
Make Decisions
Four Things You Can Do Today to Be Confident with Women
chapter four…
Where the Girls Are Meeting Women for Sex and Relationships
The Four Excuses That Keep You From
Meeting Women
Lessons from the Master
The Four Easiest Places to Meet Women
The Nine Secret Places to Meet Women
Babe Bait: Gimmicks That Make Women Want to Meet You
chapter five…
Flirting Without Disaster
So You’ve Found the Women to Talk to: Now How Do You Do It?
What is Flirting?
Your Goal in Flirting
What Flirting Does
Flirting with Humor
Flirting Your Way to the Date
Getting Her Trust
The Essential Qualities You Must Demonstrate for a Woman to Trust You and Feel Safe
The Three Steps of a Flirting Interaction
Using the Phone to Ask Her Out
What If You Screw It Up?
Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Flirting, No Matter How Timid You Are
Meeting Women Through Personal Ads in Newspapers and Magazines
Other Basic Flirting Exercises: Your Daily Routine
chapter six…
A Crash course in Romance/How to Sweep Her Off Her Feet and into Your Bed
Lighting the Fires of Romance
Secrets of Courting
How to Write A Love Note That Makes Her Melt Details, Details, Details
Sensuality—Awakening Hers and Yours
The Top Six Sensual Experiences for Women
The Six Keys to Romance
Talk the Talk
chapter seven…
The Priming Date
The Three Elements of a Priming Date
Before the Priming Date
Use Your Body to Convey That You Have Vitality and Generativity
On the Date
Your Priming Date To-Do List
10 Possible Problems on the Priming Date
Ending The Date and Dangling the Bait
After the Date “Did” Checklist
After the Date “Didn’t” Checklist
After the Priming Date Study Questions
Passing the Priming Date with Flying Colors
chapter eight…
The Seduction Date
The 8 Components of a Triumphant Seduction Date
From Trash to Treasure
The Five Rules for Gift Giving
Before the Seduction Date
The Seven Steps to a Knock-Out Seduction Date
Mastering the Seduction Date
From Raging Bull to Purring Kitten in Nine Easy Steps
After-the-Date “Did” Checklist
After-the-Date “Didn’t” Checklist
How to End the Seduction Date
chapter nine.. .
Closing the Deal: The First Kiss and More
The Secret of Getting the First Kiss
Review of the Pre-Work
Testing Her Readiness
Going For the First Kiss
How to Go for the First Kiss
If She Says No
The 10 Crucial Mistakes That Blow the First Kiss
Taking the Kiss Farther
Passionate Kisses!
chapter ten…
Being the Mart of Her Dreams In Bed
The Triangle Offense: The Three Keys to Improving Any Man’s Sex Life
Preparing for the Moment When It Turns Sexual
Setting the Mood With Sensual Talk
The Motions That Convey Emotion (Which She Wants)
Topics to Avoid in Bed
The Art of Foreplay
The Mam Event
Enjoying Afterplay
Possible Problems and How to Solve Them
Staying Alive: Safe Sex in the ’90s
Condoms: Every Man’s Necessary Weapon
chapter eleven…
When Babes Attack: Handling Problems Women Cause
Bad Dates from Hell
So How Do You Handle Problems?
Gauging the Maintenance Spectrum
Low Maintenance Women
Medium Maintenance Women
Too Hot to Handle (High Maintenance)
The Eight Secrets of Handling the Problems Women Cause
The Three Ways Women Fight and How to Handle Them
The Four Classic Women to Avoid
The Twenty-Three Problem Women
The Sixteen Problems Caused by Your Tendencies
How to Handle the Top Problems Women Cause
chapter twelve…
After the Date Keeping Up the Pursuit
Make It A Success in Your Own Mind
Decide Where You Want the Interaction to Go
Maintain Your Investment
The Art of Maintenance
The Four Maintenance Keys That Keep Her Warmed Up and Waiting for More
Design the Next Seduction Date
After the Seduction Date
chapter thirteen. . .
Breaking Up Is Easy to Do
To Commit or Not to Commit: That Is the Question
So You Think You Want to Be a Stud…
Why Break Up
The Eight Degrees of Commitment
The Three Types of Breakups
The Eight Warning Signs that It’s Time to End It
Things to Watch Out for During the Break-up Conversation
Examples of Clean Breakups
chapter fourteen…
Prom Casual to Committed
“Something More”
Love Her for Who She Is and For Who She Is Not
The Six Keys to Keeping a Long-term Relationship Happy, Exciting and Hot
The Six Stumbling Blocks to Happy, Healthy and Hot Long-term Relationships
Daniel’s Newfound Success

Book Reviews – How to Succeed with Women

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