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Book Reviews – Intelligent Robotics and Applications

Book Reviews - Intelligent Robotics and Applications

This two volume set LNAI 8917 and 8918 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, ICIRA 2014, held in Guangzhou, China, in December 2014. The 109 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 159 submissions. The papers aim at enhancing the sharing of individual experiences and expertise in intelligent robotics with particular emphasis on technical challenges associated with varied applications such as biomedical applications, industrial automations, surveillance, and sustainable mobility.

Mechanism Desing and Control
Design and Inverse Kinematics of Three Degree of Freedom Mine
Detection Manipulator
Nauman K. Haider, Shiraz Gulraiz, Ayaz Mehmood, and Umer Izhar
The Modeling and Simulation of Kinetic Analysis of Nonholonomic
Systems for the Omni-Directional Wall Climbing Robot
W.X. Yan, H.F. Zhou, Yan-Zheng Zhao, Z. Fu, and Y. Wang
A Rolling Sarrus Mechanism
Chao Liu, Hao Wang, Mei-Li Zhai, and Yan-An Yao
A New Euclidian Distance Based Approach to Measure Closeness
to Singularity for Parallel Manipulators
Jianyu Mao, Yalei Guo, Jie Ren, and Weizhong Guo
Framework Based Path Planning, A Novel Approach
Morteza Aghaei and Seyyed Mohammad Reza Farshchi
Kinematics and Dynamics for a 3-DOF Parallel Manipulator
with Limbs of Embedding Structures
Jianjun Zhang, Xiaohui Wang, Ning Jiang, and Weimin Li
High-Speed Tracking Control of Parallel Kinematic Machine for Pick-and-Place
Hyun Min Do, Chanhun Park, Byung In Kim, Tae Yong Choi, and Jin Ho Kyung
Ultrasound Based Object Detection for Human-Robot Collaboration . . . 84
Christoph Glowa and Thomas Schlegl
Exponential Stabilization of Second-Order Nonholonomic Chained Systems
Zainah Md. Zain, Keigo Watanabe, Kiyotaka Izumi, and Isaku Nagai
Development of an Autonomous RC-car
Daniel Claes, Joscha Fossel, Bastian Broecker, Daniel Hennes, and
Karl Tuyls
Modeling, Control and Simulation of a 6-DOF Reconfigurable Space
Manipulator with Lockable Cylindrical Joints
Pooya Merat, Farhad Aghili, and Chun-Yi Su
Mechanical Design of a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton with Hybrid Legs for Power Augmentation
Yunjie Miao, Feng Gao, and Dalei Pan
Design of Selectively Controllable Micro Actuators Powered by Remote
Resonant Magnetic Fields
Kai Xu and Guoqing Liu
Mechanical Home Position Setting Method of the Manipulator
with Two Encoders
Tae Yong Choi, Hyun-Min Do, Doo-Hyung Kim, Kyung-Taik Park, and Kwangcho Chung
Using Growth Curve in Trajectory Planning for Industrial
Jiahang Xu
Motion and Optimal Control
Practical Implementation of the Nonlinear Control of the Liquid Level
in the Tank of Irregular Shape
Witold Klopot, Tomasz Klopot, Piotr Laszczyk, Jacek Czeczot, and
Mieczyslaw Metzger
An Optimal Feedback Approach for the Stabilization of Linear Systems
Subject to Input Saturation and Magnitude-Bounded Disturbances
S.T. Zhan, W.X. Yan, Z. Fu, J.H. Liu, W.H. Deng, and
Yan-Zheng Zhao
Estimation of Road Adhesion Coefficient Using Higher-Order Sliding
Mode Observer for Torsional Tyre Model
J.J. Rath, K.C. Veluvolu, D. Zhang, Q. Zhang, and M. Defoort
Stability Domain Analysis for Input-Saturated Linear Systems Subject
to Disturbance via Popov Criterion: An LMI Approach
S.T. Zhan, W.X. Yan, Z. Fu, and Yan-Zheng Zhao
Humanoid Robot
Synergetic Control Strategy for a Hybrid FES-Exoskeleton System:
A Simulation Study
Yong Ren, Qing Zhang, and Dingguo Zhang
A Balance Control Method of a Walking Biped Robot under
a Continuous External Force
Yeoun-Jae Kim, Joon-Yong Lee, and Ju-Jang Lee
Design and Control of a Four-Link Mechanism for High Speed
and Dynamic Locomotion
Huiyang Yu, Ronglei Sun, Hua Nie, and Guohua Qin
A Six-Legged Walking Robot Inspired by Insect Locomotion
Yeongtae Jung and Joonbum Bae
A Stable Walking Control of Two – Legs Biped Robot
Won Sung Ki, Byung Kyun Shim, Won Jun Hwang, Eun Uk Kang,
Woo Song Lee, and Sung Hyun Han
Underwater and Space Robot
Design of a Time-Delayed Controller for Attitude Control
of a Quadrotor System
Jeong Geun Lim and Seul Jung
Brain Flow in Application for SYNAP New Robotic Platform
Alberto Rovetta
Design and Analysis on a New Underwater Robot
Ngoc-Huy Tran, Hyeung-Sik Choi, Sang-Seob Lee, and Ba-Loc Mai
Design and Manufacturing a Bio-inspired Variable Stiffness Mechanism
in a Robotic Dolphin
Yong-Jai Park and Kyu-Jin Cho
Design and Control of 3-DOF Robotic Fish ‘ICHTHUS V5.5’
Gi-Hun Yang, Kyung-Sik Kim, Sang-Hyo Lee, Chullhee Cho, and
Youngsun Ryuh
Power Conversion Technology for Robotics
High Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC-DC Power Converter
Ho-Sung Kim, Myung-Hyo Ryu, Ju-Won Baek,
Jong-Hyun Kim, and Hee-Je Kim
Dynamic Analysis and Optimal Design of High Efficiency Full Bridge
LLC Resonant Converter
Dong-Keun Jeong, Myung-Hyo Ryu, Joo-Won Baek, and Hee-Je Kim
A Boost PFC Rectifier with a Passive Lossless Snubber Circuit Using
Coupled Inductors Methodes
Hyeok-Jin Yun, Jong-Hyun Kim, Myung-Hyo Ryu, and Hee-Je Kim
Experimental Investigation on the Hybrid Smart Green Ship
Kyoung-Jun Lee, Dongsul Shin, Jong-Pil Lee, Tae-Jin Kim, and Hee-Je Kim
Hybrid Control Scheme for a Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter
with a Wide Input Range
Dongsul Shin, Kyoung-Jun Lee, Jong-Pil Lee, and Hee-Je Kim
Mechatronics and Automation
A Relay Shaping Method for Servo Mechanical System Identification
Chao Liu, Jia Liu, Jian-hua Wu, Hui Wang, and Zhenhua Xiong
Optimal Cross-Coupled Synchronization Control of a Precision Motion
Stage Driven by Dual Linear Motors
Gang Zhang, Jian-hua Wu, Pin-kuan Liu, and Han Ding
Genetic-Based k-Nearest Neighbor for Chaff Echo Detection
Jonggeun Kim, HyeYoung Han, Jungwon Yu, Hansoo Lee, and
Sungshin Kim
Design and Analysis of a Spatial Remote Center of Compliance
Lei-Jie Lai, Guo-Ying Gu, Hang Zhou, and Li-Min Zhu
A Novel Conductive Particle Dispersing Method via EHDA
for POB-COG Packaging
Z. Ba, X. Yuan, L. Jia, X. Sheng, Zhenhua Xiong, and Han Ding
Performance Prediction of Hard Rock TBM Based on Extreme
Learning Machine
Chengjun Shao, Xiuliang Li, and Hongye Su
A Sensor for Large Strain Deformation Measurement with Automated
Grid Method Based on Machine Vision
Yi Jin, Mingchi Feng, Tao Luo, and Chao Zhai
A 6-Axis Sensor for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
Jun Jiang, Le Xie, and Hailong Yu
Industrial Application of Actuator and Sensor
Mechanical Safety of Automatic Door by Using PFVA Based on 2-Stage
Star Compound Gear
Min-Kyu Park and Delbert Tesar
Development of Smart Actuator and Its Application
Seok-Jo Go, Min-Kyu Park, and Young-Jin Lee
Development of Single Channel Interrogator for Optical Sensors
Jang Sik Park, Jong Kwan Song, and Byung Woo Yoon
In-network RFID Data Filtering Scheme in RFID-WSN for RFID Applications
Ali Kashif Bashir, Myong-Soon Park, Sang-Il Lee, Jinseop Park,
Wongryol Lee, and Sayed Chattan Shah
Optimal Design of MR Shock Absorber for Passenger Vehicle
Kum-Gil Sung and Min-Kyu Park
Fractional-Order PID Control of Hydraulic Thrust System
for Tunneling Boring Machine
Ling Fei, Jingcheng Wang, Langwen Zhang, Yang Ge, and Kang Li
Finite Element Research on Cutting Force and Temperature in Milling
300M Steel
Sen Lin, Fangyu Peng, Yizhi Liu, Sheng Yang, and Rong Yan
Multi-axis NC Machining Dynamics Analysis and
Experimental Study of Surface Integrity of Aluminum Lithium Alloy
by Face Milling
Haikuo Mou, Xinda Huang, Xiaoming Zhang, and Han Ding
Research on Active Vibration Control of Thin-Walled Workpiece
in Milling Based on Voice Coil Motor
Puwei Chen, Jie Zhai, Xiaoming Zhang, Hai-Tao Zhang, and
Han Ding
A Complete Methodology for Estimating Dynamics of the Heavy
Machine Tool Structure
Hui Cai, Bin Li, Xinyong Mao, Bo Luo, and Fangyu Peng
Adaptive LQR Control to Attenuate Chatters in Milling Processes
Hai-Tao Zhang, Zhiyong Chen, and Han Ding
Robot Surgery Simulation System for Soft Tissue Cutting
Hesheng Wang, Maojiao Cai, Weidong Chen, Meng Li, and Kang Li
A Novel PWM Scheme for Position Sensorless Control of BLDC Motor
Drives Based on Back EMF
Zicheng Li, Zhouping Yin, and You-lun Xiong
Aviation Blade Inspection Based on Optical Measurement
Wen-long Li, Li-ping Zhou, and You-lun Xiong
Computer Integrated Manufacturing and
Programmable Automation of Soccer Ball Stiching through Open Loop
Control of a Path Tracing Gripper
Majid Munawar, Khurram Butt, Waseem Shahzad,
Mehran Ahmad, and Kamal Yousaf
A Design and Development of Robotics Integrated Curriculum Based
on Storytelling for Elementary School Student
Ji-Hun Sung, Young-Hoon Sung, and Wae-Shik Moon
Cutting Force Prediction of Plunge Milling Based on Precise Cutting
Kejia Zhuang, Xiaoming Zhang, and Han Ding
Distributed Coordination of Multiple Robot Systems Based
on Hierarchical Petri Net Models
Gen’ichi Yasuda
Study on Collaborative Simulation of Excavation System of the Shield
Machine in Composite Strata
Yanmin Zhao, Jianfu Zhang, and Pingfa Feng
Modeling and Control of Smart Material Actuating
Robust Adaptive Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems
with Unknown Hysteresis Nonlinearity
Yong-Hua Liu, Ying Feng, and Chun-Yi Su
A Prandtl-Ishlinskii Model for Characterizing Asymmetric
and Saturated Hysteresis of Smart Material Actuators
Omar Aljanaideh, Subhash Rakheja, and Chun-Yi Su
Improving Tracking Precision of Piezoceramic Actuators Using
Feedforward-Feedback Control
Guo-Ying Gu, Chun-Xia Li, Lei-Jie Lai, and Li-Min Zhu
A Novel Analytical Inverse Compensation Approach for Preisach
Zhi Li, Sining Liu, and Chun-Yi Su
High Precision Control for Nano-stage Driven by Magnetostrictive
Xinkai Chen and Chun-Yi Su
Development of a Parallel-Kinematic High-Speed XY Nanopositioning
Chun-Xia Li, Guo-Ying Gu, Mei-Ju Yang, and Li-Min Zhu
Full-Face Tunnel Boring Machine
Dynamical Behavior of Redundant Thrusting Mechanical System
in Shield Machines with Various Grouping Strategies
Chunzhang Zhao, Haidong Yu, and Yong Zhao
Cutters Layout Design of the Full-Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machine
Based on Physical Programming
Xu Zhang, Wei Sun, Junzhou Huo, and Jingxiu Ling
Analysis of Multi-sensor Attitude Measurement System on TBM
Chuncao Zhang, Guoli Zhu, Jianbo Zhang, and Minghua Pan
Endocrine Intelligent Control of Thrust Hydraulic System for TBM
Jin Yao, Xia Yimin, Cheng Yongliang, and Zhang Huan
A Cutter Layout Optimization Method for Full-Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machine
Geng Qi, Wei Zhengying, Du Jun, and Tang Yiping

Book Reviews – Intelligent Robotics and Applications

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