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Book Reviews – Java Everywhere

Book Reviews - Java Everywhere

Do you want to write Java apps that run on mobile phones, tablets as well as your desktop computer? In this book you’ll learn how to design and develop apps and upload them to Google Play and Apples App Store. The technology we’ll use for that is DukeScript, a new framework for single-source cross-platform development in Java.

Debugging a DukeScript application
Debugging Java Code
Visual Debugging
Debugging on Android Devices
Debugging on iOS Devices and Emulators
Debugging JavaScript Code
Debugging JavaScript with firebug-lite
Using the Knockout API
Model, View, ViewModel (MVVM)
The Model
The ViewModel
The View
Defining the ViewModel
DukeScript, JSON and the REST
Creating the project
Running the application
The client application
Code sharing
Parsing JSON
Workshop: DukeScript Twitter Client
Set up the project
DukeScript, JSON and the REST
Creating the ViewModel
A model for parsing JSON results
Create a JSON Endpoint
Adding Functions for the UI
Observing Property changes
Initializing the model
The View
Separating View and ViewModel in practice
The state of UI Development
The Setup
Finding the right Designer
Working with the design
The result
Responsive Design with CSS
New CSS3 units vh and vw
Unit Tests
Test Driven Development means “Test first”
Is your UI Toolkit Test friendly?
DukeScript to the rescue
A little example – Unit Testing a viewmodel
Unit testing server communication
@OnReceive with Plain Text
Type-safe Access to Received JSON Data
Dealing with JSON Arrays
Deploying to the App Stores
Deploying to the Google App store
Deploying to the Apple Store
Creating a new API
Some examples
HTML5 Canvas
The @JavaScriptBody Annotation
The @JavaScriptResource Annotation

Book Reviews – Java Everywhere

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