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Book Reviews – jQuery CSS3 and HTML5 for Mobile

Book Reviews - jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Covers the features of HTML5, CSS3 graphics, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile, and also shows how you can extend the power of CSS3 with SVG. Designed for readers with some knowledge of CSS/HTML/JavaScript, but more advanced users will benefit from numerous graphics techniques that are illustrated in many code samples. DVD with code and graphics included. You’ll see examples that help you learn to: create mobile Web applications using jQuery and jQuery Mobile; render HTML5/CSS3/SVG Web pages in Android and iOS; and create 2D/3D graphics & animation effects with CSS3. A companion DVD with source code and graphics is included.
FEATURES • Learn how to create Web Pages with jQuery and jQuery Mobile • Create mobile apps in Android and iOS with HTML5/CSS3/SVG • Create Web Pages with jQuery with CSS3 • Learn about upcoming CSS3 features such as CSS3 Shaders and Regions • Create 2D/3D graphics and animation effects with CSS3 • Render 2D shapes, charts, and graphs with gradients in HTML5 Canvas • Includes companion DVD with source code and 4-color graphics

Chapter 1   New Features in HTML5
HTML5 and Various Working Groups
HTML5 Specifications: W3C or WHATWG?
What is HTML5?
Browser Support for HTML5
What Technologies are Included in HTML5?
Differences between HTML4 Tags and HTML5 Tags
Useful Online Tools for HTML5 Web Pages
HTML5 on Mobile
HTML5 BoilerPlate
Designing HTML5 Web Pages
Graceful Degradation
Progressive Enhancement
Responsive Design
A Simple HTML5 Web Page
New HTML5 Elements
Semantic Markup HTML5 Elements
Article Versus Section: How Are They Used?
Why Use Semantic Markup?
A Simple Web Page with Semantic Markup
The HTML5 <hgroup> Element
Custom Attributes in HTML5
The HTML5 <audio> Element
The HTML5 <video> Element
Popcorn.js: HTML5 Media Framework
HTML5 <video> and Web Camera Support
HTML5 Forms
New Input Types
New Attributes
A Simple HTML5 Form Example
The HTML5 FormData Object
Using HTML5 Web Storage
HTML5 Web Storage versus IndexedDB
HTML5 Web Storage versus Cookies
HTML5 Web Storage and Security
An Example of HTML5 localStorage
LocalStorage and iOS 5.1
Storing Images in localStorage
HTML5 Web Databases
Using An HTML5 IndexedDB Database
Storing Twitter Tweets in a Web Database
Web Database and Mobile Devices
Performance, Debugging, and Testing Tools
Chrome Speed Tracer
Firebug for Firefox
Adobe Shadow
Additional Useful Links
Chapter 2   Introduction to CSS3
CSS3 Support and Browser-Specific Prefixes for CSS3 Properties
A Quick Overview of CSS3 Features
CSS3 Pseudo-Classes, Attribute Selection, and Relational Symbols
CSS3 Pseudo-Classes
CSS3 Attribute Selection
CSS3 Relational Symbols
CSS3 Shadow Effects and Rounded Corners
Specifying Colors with RGB and HSL
CSS3 and Text Shadow Effects
CSS3 and Box Shadow Effects
CSS3 and Rounded Corners
CSS3 Gradients
Linear Gradients
Radial Gradients
Online Tools For Creating CSS3 Gradients
CSS3 2D Transforms
Zoom In/Out Effects with Scale Transforms
Rotate Transforms
Skew Transforms
Translate Transforms
CSS3 Media Queries
Detecting Orientation with CSS3 Media Queries
Detecting Orientation with Simple JavaScript
Working with Web Fonts
Online Resources for Fonts
CSS3 and Presentation Tools
Chapter 3   CSS3 2D/3D Animation and CSS Frameworks
A CSS3-Based Cube
CSS3 Transitions
Simple CSS3 Animation Effects
Animation Effects with CSS3 keyframes
Glowing Effects
Image Fading and Rotating Effects with CSS3
Bouncing Effects
CSS3 Effects for Text
Rendering Multi-Column Text
3D Effects in CSS3
CSS3 3D Animation Effects
CSS3 Animation and CSS Sprites
Sliding Panels with CSS3 Animation
CSS Frameworks
The Compass/Sass Framework
Sass Variables
Sass Mixins
The Blueprint Framework
The LESS Framework
LESS Variables
LESS mixins
Using LESS in Client-Side and Server-Side Code
CSS3 Performance
Useful Link
Chapter 4   CSS3 and SVG
New CSS3 Features
CSS Canvas Backgrounds
CSS Device Adaptation
CSS Exclusions
CSS Filters
CSS Flexbox (Flexible Box)
CSS Grid
CSS Regions
CSS Shaders
Simple Vertex CSS Shaders
Animation Effects with CSS Shaders
CSS Shaders and Detached Tiles
CSS Shaders and Curtain Effects
CSS3 and SVG
CSS3 and SVG Bar Charts
Rendering 3D Surfaces in SVG
Similarities and Differences Between SVG and CSS3
CSS3 Toolkits and IDEs
Sencha Animator
Adobe Edge
Chapter 5   Fundamentals of jQuery
What is jQuery?
Referencing jQuery Files in HTML5 Web Pages
HTML Web Pages without jQuery
Using jQuery to Find Elements in Web Pages
A “Hello World” Web Page with jQuery
jQuery Qualifiers versus jQuery Methods
Using Web Storage with jQuery
Querying and Modifying the DOM with jQuery
Find and Modify Elements With :first and :last Qualifiers
Finding Elements with :even and :odd Qualifiers
Finding Elements with :eq, :lt, and :gt Qualifiers
Finding HTML Elements by class or id
Finding and Setting Element Attributes
Finding Form Elements and Their Attributes
Using nth-child() for Finding Elements
Using jQuery to Remove Elements
Creating DOM Elements
Other jQuery Methods for Inserting DOM Elements
Useful jQuery Code Blocks
jQuery Element Navigation Methods
The next()/prev()/closest()/parent() Methods
Other jQuery Navigational Selection Methods
Caching Results of jQuery Invocations
What About this, $this, and $(this)?
Handling Click Events in jQuery
jQuery APIs for Traversing Elements
Chaining jQuery Functions
HTML5 Geolocation with jQuery
Accelerometer Values with jQuery
Using jQuery Plugins
Chapter 6   Animation Effects with jQuery and CSS3
Working with CSS3 Selectors in jQuery
HTML <div> Elements and the jQuery css() Function
Creating Rounded Corners with jQuery
Gradients and Shadow Effects with jQuery
Basic Animation Effects in jQuery
Using Callback Functions
jQuery Fade and Slide Animation Effects
The fadeIn(), fadeOut(), and fadeToggle() Functions
jQuery Slide-Related Functions
Easing Functions in jQuery
The jQuery .animate() Method
Custom CSS Animation Using the .animate() Function
The jQuery Queue and Animation Effects
Creating a Slideshow with Images
CSS3-Based Animation Effects
Animation Effects with CSS3 Keyframes and 2D Transforms
2D Transforms with CSS3 and jQuery
A Follow the Mouse Example with jQuery
Your First Sketching Program
Other Animation Effects with jQuery
Rendering a Set of Bouncing Balls with jQuery and CSS3
Handling Other Events with jQuery
Handling Mouse Events
Handling Events in jQuery 1.7 and Beyond
Handling Keyboard Events
Chapter 7   Query UI Controls
Accordion Effects
Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
Combo Boxes
Date Pickers
Progress Bars
Scroll Panes with the jQuery jScrollPane Plugin
Theming jQuery UI
The jQuery UI Effect Function
A Sample Web Page with Various UI Components
Future Versions of jQuery
Useful Links
Chapter 8   Introduction to jQuery Mobile
Overview of jQuery Mobile
Key Features and Components in jQuery Mobile
A Minimal jQuery Mobile Web Page
More Differences between jQuery and jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile Page Views
jQuery Mobile Custom Attributes
jQuery Mobile Page Transitions
jQuery Mobile and CSS-Related Page Initialization
The mobileinit Event
jQuery Mobile Options and Customization
Page Navigation and Changing Pages
The jqmData() Custom Selector
Multiple Page Views in One HTML5 Web Page
Positioning the Header and Footer in Page Views
Working with Buttons in jQuery Mobile
Navigation Buttons as Anchor Links
Groups of Buttons and Column Grids
Rendering Buttons with Themes
jQuery Mobile Icons
Forms and Form Elements in jQuery Mobile
List Views in jQuery Mobile
Simple List Views with Buttons
Nested List Views
Navigation Bars
Select Menus in jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile and Ajax
jQuery Mobile and Geolocation
Chapter 9   User Gestures and Animation Effects in jQuery Mobile
Handling User Gestures and Events in jQuery Mobile
Two jQuery Plugins for Detecting User Gestures
Scroll Events in jQuery Mobile
Portrait Mode Versus Landscape Mode
Animation Effects Using jQuery Mobile
Fade-Related Methods
Slide-Related jQuery Methods
jQuery Mobile and Transition Effects
jQuery Mobile and Animation Effects with CSS3
jQuery Mobile Virtual Mouse Events
jQuery Mobile and Page-Turning Effects
CSS3 2D/3D Animation Effects with jQuery Mobile
CSS3 3D Animation with Tap Events
jQuery Mobile and Dynamic Animation Effects
jQuery Mobile and 3D Cube Animation Effects
jQuery Mobile Bouncing Balls
Accelerometer Values with jQuery
Chapter 10   Other HTML5 Technologies
The Stages in the W3C Review Process
HTML5 APIs in W3C Recommendation Status (REC)
HTML5 APIs in W3C Candidate Recommendation Status (CR)
Battery API (DAP)
HTML5 Geolocation
Obtain a User’s Position with getCurrentPosition()
Track a User’s Position with watchPosition()
HTML5 WebSockets
A Simple WebSockets Web Page
SPDY and HTML5 WebSockets
Migrating to HTML5 WebSockets
Other Projects with HTML5 WebSockets
Available WebSocket Servers
Vibration API (DAP)
XMLHttpRequest Level 2 (XHR2)
Making Ajax Calls without jQuery
Making Ajax Calls with jQuery
HTML5 Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Ajax Requests Using XMLHttpRequest Level 2 (XHR2)
HTML5 APIs in W3C Last Call Status (LC)
HTML5 Contacts
HTML5 Drag and Drop (DnD)
jQuery and HTML5 Drag and Drop
jQuery and HTML5 localStorage
Libraries for HTML5 localStorage
HTML5 Web Messaging
Using HTML5 Server-Sent Events (SSE)
A Comparison of Ajax and SSE
HTML5 APIs in W3C Working Draft Status (WD)
Audio Processing
jQuery and HTML5 File APIs
HTML5 Web Intents
Using HTML5 Microdata
HTML5 Web Notifications
HTML5 Web Workers
HTML5 History APIs
HTML5 Offline Web Applications
Detecting Online and Offline Status
HTML5 APIs in Experimental Status
Other Upcoming HTML5 Features
Chapter 11   Introduction to HTML5 Canvas
What is HTML5 Canvas?
HTML5 Canvas Versus SVG
The HTML5 Canvas Coordinate System
Line Segments, Rectangles, Circles, and Shadow Effects
HTML5 Canvas Linear Gradients
Horizontal, Vertical, and Diagonal Linear Gradients
Radial Color Gradients
Bezier Curves
Bezier Curves with Linear and Radial Gradients
Rendering Images on Canvas with CSS3 Selectors
Repeating an Image on Canvas with Patterns
HTML5 Canvas Transforms and Saving State
jCanvas: A jQuery Plugin for HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Canvas with CSS3 and jQuery Mobile
Other HTML5 Canvas Topics
Other HTML5 Canvas Toolkits
Chapter 12   Charts and Graphs in HTML5 Canvas
Rendering Gradient Bar Charts
Mouse-Enabled Bar Chart
Rendering 3D Bar Charts
Rendering Multiple Line Graphs
Rendering Area Graphs
Rendering Pie Charts
Rendering Multiple Charts and Graphs
Bar Charts with HTML5 Canvas and jQuery Mobile
Updating HTML5 Canvas Bar Charts with a WebSocket Server
An Integrated Example with HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, and SVG
Third Party Chart Libraries
Chapter 13   HTML5 Mobile Apps on Android, iOS, and Tizen
HTML5/CSS3 and Android Applications
SVG and Android Applications
HTML5 Canvas and Android Applications
Android and HTML5 Canvas Multi-Line Graphs
Android and HTML5 Canvas Animation
Android Applications with jQuery Mobile
What is PhoneGap?
How Does PhoneGap Work?
Other Useful Links
Creating Android Apps with the PhoneGap Plugin
PhoneGap Form Input Example on Android
Working with HTML5, PhoneGap, and iOS
A CSS3 Cube on iOS Using PhoneGap
Platform Overview
The Application Layer
Tizen API
Tizen Core Service
Application Framework
Graphics and UI
PIM (Personal Information Management)
The Kernel Layer
Development Tools
Sample Web Applications
Native and Hybrid Applications Support
Links to More Information
Android and jQuery Mobile for Robot Control

Book Reviews – jQuery CSS3 and HTML5 for Mobile

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