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Book Reviews – Learning HTML5 Game Programming

Book Reviews - Learning HTML5 Game Programming

Get Started Fast with HTML5 Online Game Programming!

HTML5 will transform web and mobile gaming. As new browsers rapidly adopt it, HTML5 will do everything “legacy” technologies such as Flash and Silverlight have done and much more. In Learning HTML5 Game Programming, pioneering developer James L. Williams gives you all the knowledge, code, and insights you’ll need to get started fast!

Williams combines detailed explanations of HTML5’s key innovations with examples, including two case study applications that address the entire development process. He guides you through setting up a state-of-the-art HTML5 development environment; making the most of HTML5’s canvas tag, SVG vector graphics, and WebGL 3D; and targeting diverse mobile and social platforms. It’s all here: from the essentials of online game design to the nitty-gritty details of performance optimization.

About the Website

All code samples and answers to chapter exercises are available for download at and on Github at

Coverage includes

·          Understanding the HTML5 innovations that make it possible to create amazingly rich games

·          Setting up a state-of-the-art open source HTML5 game development environment

·          Using JavaScript to drive sophisticated interactions between users and games

·          Building basic games fast, with the prototype-based Simple Game Framework (SGF)

·          Generating movement and gameplay with the canvas tag and surface

·          Creating games with SVG vector graphics using the RaphaëlJS Javascript library

·          Using Three.js to build powerful WebGL 3D games with far less complexity

·          Developing games without JavaScript, using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) or CoffeeScript

·          Building a complete multiplayer game server using Node.js and WebSockets

·          Planning and choosing tools for mobile game development with HTML5

·          Optimizing game performance with offline cache, minification, and other techniques

Learning HTML5 Game Programming is the fastest route to success with HTML5 game development whether you’re a long-time game developer or a web/mobile programmer building games for the first time.

JavaScript also provides the basis for libraries and languages such as GWT and CoffeeScript, which are referenced later in the book. Node.js, also covered later in the book, uses JavaScript to run server-side code. In this chapter, we will cover the basics of JavaScript, along with some useful utilities and libraries that will aid in creating games, and use a JavaScript library to create your first game.

JavaScript is a loosely typed dynamic language that began its life as a Netscape Communications project named LiveScript. It was renamed to JavaScript roughly around the time plugin support for the Java programming language was added to Netscape, much to the chagrin of developers everywhere. Despite the name, JavaScript and Java are only loosely related in that both of them are influenced by C and share some of the same keywords and structures.

Book Reviews – Learning HTML5 Game Programming

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