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Book Reviews – Risk Management in Social Work

Book Reviews - Risk Management in Social Work

This new text is based on Frederic G. Reamer’s key reference for practitioners, Social Work Malpractice and Liability: Strategies for Prevention. Rooted in his own experiences as an expert witness in court and licensing board cases, the volume introduces the concepts of negligence, malpractice, and liability before turning to the subject of risk management. Reflecting on recent legal cases and research, Reamer identifies a variety of problems in the social work field relating to privacy and confidentiality, improper treatment and delivery of services, impaired practitioners, supervision, consultations and referrals, fraud and deception, and termination of service. He also explores the unprecedented ethical challenges created by new digital technologies―such as online counseling, video counseling, and practitioners’ use of social networks and social media―and describes current issues relating to HIPAA compliance and access to electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchanges (HIE).He concludes with practical suggestions for social workers named as defendants in lawsuits and respondents in licensing board complaints.

Professional Risk Management: An Overview
Professional Malpractice and Liability
Key Concepts in Risk Management
The Elements of Malpractice and Liability
Process Versus Outcome and the Standard of Care
Damages in Liability Cases
Confidentiality and Privileged Communication
The Concept of Privacy
Common Confidentiality Issues
The Concept of Privileged Communication
Responding to Subpoenas and Court Orders
Unintentional Disclosure of Confidential Information
The Delivery of Services
Clients’ Rights
Informed Consent
Clinical Assessment and Intervention
Negligent Intervention
Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships
Managing Boundary Risks
Undue Influence
Involuntary Civil Commitment
Protective Services
Defamation of Character
Digital Technology and Social Media
Impaired Social Workers
The Nature of Impairment
Extent of Impairment
Causes of Impairment
Sexual Abuse of Clients
Practitioner Substance Abuse
Response to Impairment
Risk Management Strategy
The Challenge for Social Work
Supervision: Clients and Staff
Client Supervision
Staff Supervision
Supervision Case Law
Supervision of Volunteers
Liability and Social Work Education
Preventing Supervisory Liability
Consultation, Referral, Documentation,and Records
Consultation in Social Work
Referral in Social Work
Social Work Documentation and Records
Evolution of Social Work Standards
Risk Management Standards and Guidelines
Deception and Fraud
Self-interested Deception and Fraud
Deception and Fraud Motivated by Altruism
Termination of Service
The Concept of Abandonment
Premature Termination
Prevention Strategy
Responding to Lawsuits and Ethics Complaints: The Role of Prevention
In the Event of a Lawsuit or Licensing Board Complaint
The Role of the Expert Witness
Preventing Lawsuits and Licensing Board Complaints: Good Practice
Preventing Lawsuits and Licensing Board Complaints: Good Ethics
Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making
Conducting an Ethics Audit

Book Reviews – Risk Management in Social Work

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