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Book Reviews – Warrior Elite

Book Reviews - Warrior Elite

WARRIOR ELITE is a unique and compelling account of Australia’s special forces and intelligence operations ranging from the early special forces of World War II to the establishment and development of the SAS and Commando Regiments as the elite fighters of today, and from the Australian Security Intelligence Service to the Australian Signals Directorate and ASIO. It is an authoritative, gripping and thoroughly up-to-date account of both the history and current state of our special forces and intelligence bodies and gives a unique glimpse into the warfare of the future. Our future. ROBERT MACKLIN has conducted dozens of exclusive interviews and uncovered incredible, daring and sometimes heartbreaking stories of the elite troops that guard our nation and engage in secret operations around the world. He has had significant cooperation from numerous sources within the special forces and the various intelligence agencies. Both thoroughly researched and colourfully written, WARRIOR ELITE will attract the reader of action memoirs as well as those interested in broader military history and espionage.

1 Early days
2 Independent companies
3 The Nackeroos
4 Singapore attack
5 Z Force
6 Cold War beginnings
7 Establishing intelligence services
8 The SAS emerges
9 An intelligence network
10 First action in Borneo
11 Konfrontasi
12 Vietnam – first contact
13 In the thick of it
14 Growing intelligence strength
15 Balibo
16 Choppy waters
17 Intelligence spreads its wings
18 Special Forces evolution
19 Referendum in East Timor
20 INTERFET arrives
21 East Timor operations
22 Domestic concerns – and international rumblings
23 Iraq operations
24 Intelligence problems
25 Intelligence–military convergence
26 Rise of homeland and border security
27 China looms
28 Rise of counterterrorism
29 Homeland and border security
30 New warfare – and our future

Book Reviews – Warrior Elite: Australia’s Special Forces Z Force to the SAS Intelligence Operations to Cyber Warfare

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