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Easy Cookie Recipes

Gingerbread People

If there’s one single cookie that makes people think of the holidays, it would have to be gingerbread. Spiced ginger breads and cakes have been around for centuries, but the cookies are the most popular around the holiday season. Whether in the form of people or a painstakingly build house, …

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Christmas Crinkles

Believe it or not, I’ve never made Christmas Crinkles cookies before. I always just thought the green and red cookies I got from friends and family were sugar cookies with food coloring and left it at that. To be fair, they very well may be just that, since there usually …

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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

When it comes to dried fruit, dried cranberries are probably my favorite. They don’t have the grittiness of raisins, but are just as easy to transport and use as a snack. It’s no secret in my house that I like to use dried cranberries in baked goods too, especially for …

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Growing up, my mother would occasionally purchase a box of pizzelles as a special treat. We didn’t get them very often because they were a bit expensive compared to the usual desserts she made for us, but they were a favorite of the whole household. Usually, though, that box vanished …

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Chocolate Kiss Surprise Powder Puff Cookies

Desserts with pie dough are some of my all-time favorites. The buttery, flaky crust complements almost any sweet fillings or toppings and shines through in pastries, leftover-crust cinnamon-rolls, and pie alike. Making it from scratch can take a bit of time, but frozen pie dough is available in most supermarkets …

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