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Mastering JavaScript

OOP was an important idea and a definite step forward from the traditional structured programming. However, many feel that OOP is overdone. Most OOP systems define complex and unnecessary class and type hierarchies. Another big drawback was that in the pursuit of hiding the state, OOP considered the object state …

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Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook – Second Edition

In fact, big data has become more and more common. The definition of big data is a moving target as disk sizes grow, but you’re working with big data if you have trouble processing it in memory or even storing it on disk. There’s a lot of information locked in …

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Oracle CRM On Demand 2012 Administration Essentials

Web applet: Retrieve data corresponding to a record (for example, orders that are created due to a successfully Closed/Won opportunity) as part of a web applet by calling the other system in real-time and surfacing the web applet without really persisting the data in CRM On Demand. Refer to the …

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Oracle Information Integration, Migration, and Consolidation

The POV is more than just an exercise in what can be done using the Oracle information and application integration products. There was a specific technical reason behind each product choice. Online data access using ODBC/JDBC drivers: There are gateways that leverage ODBC or JDBC drivers instead of proprietary gateways …

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Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide

• Application Builder: Using this component, you can build database and websheet applications. Application Developers build applications using database applications. Using websheet applications, end users can manage structured and unstructured data without developer assistance. • SQL Workshop: This component provides the following tools that enable you to view and manage …

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