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Create a free home storage network using Younity

Create a free home storage network using Younity

Min requirements: Android 4.1, iOS 9
Size: 6.4MB (Android), 23.1MB (iOS)

This new app connects your phone, tablet and computer (Windows or Mac) as if they were attached to your own
private server. It’s free, too, so you can banish any thoughts of forking out for an expensive NAS (network-attached storage) drive.

First, download the PC program and install the app on one or more of your devices by following the steps in our Mini Workshop (right). You’ll then be able to access your videos, songs, playlists – the entire contents of your computer’s hard drive, in fact – from your phone or tablet.

By “access”, we don’t just mean looking at documents and moving around a few files in Explorer, either. You can stream or download video to your tablet or phone, view photos and play music. If you want, you can even sync all the content on your computers and mobile devices into one organised menu.

You don’t need a smartphone or tablet to use Younity. If you have a PC and laptop, you can use the free computer
version of the software alone to connect the two securely, and even use it as cloud storage if you’re running low on
space in Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Other potential uses include merging media libraries from all your devices (such as multiple iTunes and Lightroom libraries, for example); streaming music from iTunes on your iPad or computer to your Android phone; streaming music from any PC or device to speakers via Bluetooth and downloading videos, photos and music from one device
to another for offline access.

Step 1: Go to on your PC, click ‘Download younity’ and install the free software. When Windows Firewall opens, tick private network access and untick public access. Click ‘Allow access’.

Step 2: Download and open Younity on your tablet or phone. You can create a Younity account or, if you’d rather avoid having to remember yet another username and password, log in securely using Google or Facebook. Tap Allow. Sign in using the same method in the window that opens on your Desktop.

Step 3: Younity will now index files on your PC and mobile device automatically, which may take an hour or more. On your phone or tablet, tap the three lines to access content such as Music and Videos in all connected devices, perform a file Search and other options. If you want to ‘unregister’ any device, you can do so easily in Settings.

Create a free home storage network using Younity

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