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Cucumber Soup with Watercress


Every New Year we make the resolution that this will really be the year we lose weight. The majority of us have already given up by the end of the first week, however, returning to our normal ways of eating. This year try something different: the Protein Diet. You won’t be hungry, your body will feel great, and the pounds will melt away.

First, it is necessary to state that this way of dieting will help you to lose those first few pounds, and during that time, you should learn to diet rationally. As experts and doctors warn, the Protein Diet is not suitable for long-term use. Nevertheless, in the short run, it certainly has its pluses.
You will burn extra pounds, the body’s blood sugar will be in balance, and it is possible your blood pressure will also improve. You will feel lighter — and mainly, purer. Protein, or ketone diets, are actually proven diet concepts based on the high intake of quality proteins. At the same time, their inclusion in the diet reduces amounts of fats and sugars.
The whole secret is that, in regards to limiting sugar intake, the main source for quick energy becomes stored fat — exactly what we are trying to get rid of. This change in the metabolism is called ketosis. In burning stored fats, waste products called ketones are freed up and disposed of through urination. This diet is recommended especially for those who are overweight or obese. However, it is important to accompany the change in diet with a change in behaviour.

• 2 salad cucumbers
• 1 Tbsp. olive oil
• 1 leek,
• 3 c. vegetable broth or bouillon
• Bunch of fresh watercress
• Mix of favorite spices
• Salt and pepper

Wash and slice the cucumbers in halves the long way. Remove the seeds with a spoon and slice into pieces. Slice the leek and let simmer in hot oil. Add the cucumber and mix together for two or three minutes, then pour in the hot broth. Cook for about 15–20 minutes, until tender. Remove the soup from heat, add most of the watercress and mix with a handheld mixer until smooth. Add salt, pepper and spices to taste.

Cucumber Soup with Watercress

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