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Find the best time to post new content

Find the best time to post new content

Don’t let new posts languish on your site with no views. Instead, try posting your new content when people are
most likely to visit your site, to keep it looking lively and regularly updated.

Step 1: Sign into your Google Analytics account. Click the Customization tab, then click the New Custom Report button. Give it a Title, such as Daily Traffic. Click the ‘add metric’ button, open the Users section and select Sessions. Click the ‘add dimension’ button and click ‘Day of Week Name’. Click Save.

Step 2: Daily Traffic will appear at the bottom of your Custom Reports. Scroll down below the line graph to see the information for each individual day, and click the Performance button to turn the percentages into a bar chart, so you can see which days are your busiest.

Step 3: To find out what time of the day you should be posting, follow Step 1 but choose Hour instead of ‘Day of Week Name’. When you view the results, choose an appropriate time period. The peaks on the line graph are your busiest times. You can also view the information as a bar chart, below.

Find the best time to post new content

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