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Learning English – Things We Hate About Fashion

Learning English - Yank One's ChainHave you ever worn any of the things mentioned on this page? When? Where? Why? How important is fashion to you? What does being fashionable mean to you? Who are some of the most fashionable people you know?

Are there any fashions you hate? Here are a few things some people really don’t like.

My granddad goes for the “English-man-abroad” look with his socks-and sandals combo. He often wears a bum-bag too! So not cool!

My sister-in-law wears gladiator sandals. They take her ages to put on, and leave horrible marks on her legs. Plus, they make her look even shorter than she really is.

My dad wears a tracksuit all weekend… every weekend. And when there’s a game on, he puts his football shirt on too. He even wears it at parties or when friends come round for a barbecue. I think it makes him look like a middle-aged football hooligan.

My sister is really into her Ugg boots. In my opinion, they’re just a pair of big, ugly slippers. I also read somewhere that the fur for fake Ugg boots is made from a disgusting method of killing raccoon dogs, so I’ll never buy them.

My 55-year-old uncle put on a mankini at the beach last year. And he says he’s going to wear a thong next year. He’s such an attention-seeker!

My aunt wears harem pants – you know those trousers with a really low gusset that make you look like you’re wearing a big nappy. Sometimes, she wears a crop top too, even though she’s got a bit of a belly.

My brother has the hipster look with his beard, skinny jeans and glasses (even though he can see perfectly well). He says he dresses like that because he’s got a job in a coffee shop and “needs” that look. Yeah, right!

My cousin and his mates are really into rap, and walk around with saggy jeans, fake gold necklaces, hooded tops and baseball caps turned around. They think they look so cool.

My boyfriend wears cargo shorts all the time in the summer. I bought him some really nice shorts that he put on a coupe of times but he soon went back to his khaki cargo shorts. He says they’re really comfortable and practical with the really big pockets, but I think they just look like a mess, especially as they’re too big for him.

My mum has a pair of those oversized sunglasses. Dad says she looks like she’s hiding something, such as a drink problem or bags under the eyes. The other day she had a jumpsuit on too. She said it was like one that Victoria Beckham modelled. She’s becoming more and more like here every day.


a combo (n): a combination of two things that go well together: socks and sandals, in this case.

to take ages: to take a long time.

a hooligan (n): someone (such as football fan) who is noisy and violent in a public place.

fake (adj): “fake” objects aren’t real – they’re a copy of the original.

a raccoon dog (n): an animal related to foxes and wolves. They have soft fur (hair on their bodies).

an attention seeker (n): someone who does things so that people notice him/her.

a gusset (n): a piece of cloth added to clothing to make them looser of bigger. A trouser “gusset” is placed between the legs to give you more room there.

a belly (n): a stomach

a drink problem (n): someone with a “drink problem” consumes too much alcohol.

Learning English – Things We Hate About Fashion

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