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Manga The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques

Manga The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques

Following the success of Fantasy Workshop, the ImagineFX team turns to manga art for fantasy artists who want to progress to the next level. With reference to creative painting programs (including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter), this must-have guide explains, with the aid of screen grabs, how to progress from basic “pencil” roughs to first-stage line art and finished color art. From creating characters, scenes, and close-ups to designing your own digital paintings using the most up-to-date techniques, Manga lays out the tools to do it all.

Manga Gallery
Gallery: Chester Ocampo
Gallery: Bagus Hutomo
Gallery: John Staub
Gallery: Rungsak Sontayanont
Gallery: Yagatama
Gallery: Stanley Lau
Gallery: Ashleigh Hetrick
Gallery: Patipat Asavasena
Manga For Beginners
Artist Insight – Get Under The Skin Of Manga
Artist Q&A – How can I make my characters look more manga like?
Artist Insight – Essential Manga Tips
Artist Q&A – Can I do Photoshop line art with a brush instead of paths?
Painter & Photoshop – The Cherry Blossom Girl
Artist Q&A – What’s a god way to render a manga-style mouth and lips?
Photoshop – Brush Up On Your Portrait Skills
Character Creation
Workshops: Photoshop – Paint A Dynamic Manga Character
Artist Q&A How do I give my manga characters a fun and lively animated look?
Workshops: Photoshop – The Greatest Waveracer
Artist Q&A How can I render semi-transparent materials such as latex convincingly?
Workshops: Photoshop – The Spear And The Spell
Artist Q&A How can I make two big mechs colliding feel more powerful?
Manga Style
Workshops: Photoshop – The Painted Princess
Workshops: Panter – She Dreams of Lilac
Artist Q&A When I try to draw manga, I find it hard to flow the story from panel to panel. How can I improve?
Workshops: Maker Pens – Mistress of the Elements
Artist Q&A How do you use black and white effectively and make it look finished?
Workshops: Photoshop – Flight of The Warriors
Artist Q&A Is there a foolproof technique to creating a cute chibi character?
Workshops: Photoshop – The Music Of Live And Death
Artist Q&A How do I create a dynamic lighting environment in a manga-style art?
Fantasy And Sci-fi
Artist Q&A: I’ve seen images where the line art seems to glow. I pressume it’s a digital effect, but how is it done?
Workshops: Painter & Photoshop – The way of the warrior
Artist Q&A: How do I pick the best angle when drawing manga?
Workshops: Painter & Photoshop – The Saga of the Scout
Artist Q&A: I’ve heard that gradients can be used within a cel-shaded image. Any tips?
Workshops: Photoshop – Create And Render A Robot Concept
Artist Q&A How do you effectively use large areas of flat colour in an illustration?
Workshops: Photoshop – Mecha’s Heart
Artist Q&A: How do I create the deicate pastel shading that is often used in shoujo manga?
Workshops: The Girl And The Katana Guardian

Manga The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques

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