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Professional Sitecore 8 Development


AngularJS really has nothing to do with Sitecore, per se. However, most Sitecore sites are data-intensive sites and there is no better way to do client-side data manipulation than with AngularJS. Additionally, Angular is a fantastic choice when wanting to make client-side requests to back-end REST services or even our ASP.NET MVC controllers! As you can imagine, therefore, a brief primer into AngularJS is necessary, considering this chapter is all about front-end development techniques Sitecore developers ought to know.

Chapter 1: Getting Started
What Is Sitecore?
Developer Platforms versus Portal Solutions
Sitecore’s Key Features and Capabilities
Infrastructure and Services Architecture Options
A Tour of the Sitecore Admin Interface
What’s New in Sitecore 8?
The Sitecore Hierarchy
Layouts and Components
Setting Up Your Development Environment
Tools Every Sitecore Developer Needs
Setting Up SQL Server
Installing Sitecore
Chapter 2: Building Your First Component
Building a View Rendering
Working with Layouts and Placeholders
Creating a Component
Deploying to Sitecore
Adding a Component to a New Page
Building a Controller Rendering
Controller Renderings versus View Renderings
Creating a Controller Rendering
Chapter 3: Data Templates and Content
Data Template Fields
Field Sections
Field Types
Custom Field Types
Field Sources
Field Versioning
Field Validation
Custom Field Validators
Data Template Inheritance
Working with Standard Values
Configuring Default Values
Configuring Insert Options
Templates and Configurations
Creating Our Branch Templates
Content Management Fundamentals
Where Do You Manage Content?
Architecting Your Content Tree
Managing Rich Media
Content Personalization
Content Versioning
Content Approval and Publishing Workflows
Content Optimization
Deleting and Archiving Content
Content Cloning
Multilingual Content Translations
Chapter 4: Back-End Dev Architectures
The Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Sitecore Modular Architecture
Setting Up Your Solution
Stubbing Out a Web Project
Creating Your First Module
Deploying Your Code
Chapter 5: Improving the Design with Patterns
Refactoring: Incorporating the Repository Pattern
Refactoring: Incorporating a Service Layer Pattern
Refactoring: Incorporating Object-Relational Mapping
Refactoring: Incorporating Generics
Refactoring: Incorporating Inversion of Control
Chapter 6: Front-End Dev Techniques
Presentation and Applying Layouts
Razor, CSS, JavaScript, and Gulp
Programming Razor and Forms
Getting CSS and JS on a Page
CSS and JS Minification with Gulp
Chapter 7: Unit Testing Sitecore
Getting Started Unit Testing
Making Tests Easier to Read with FluentAssertions
Creating Dummy Data, the Easy Way, with AutoFixture
Isolating Tests with Moq
Unit Testing a Service
Refactoring to Include a Service Test Harness
Unit Testing a Controller
Refactoring to Include a Controller Test Harness
Sitecore FakeDb
Chapter 8: Search-Driven Solutions
Setting Up Your Index
Searching Your Index
Creating a Computed Field
Adding an Autocomplete
Refining Results with Faceted Search
Chapter 9: Programming the Customer Journey
Extending Web Forms for Marketers
Programing Goals, Events, and Outcomes
Custom Personalization Rules
Extending Engagement Plans
Programming the xDB Contact
Identifying a Contact
Using Custom Tags
Using Custom Extensions
Programing the Out-of-the-Box Facets
Building Custom Facets
Federated Experience Manager
Chapter 10: Sitecore PowerShell Extensions
Installing the PowerShell Extensions
Installation Wizard
Module Highlights
PowerShell Console
PowerShell ISE
PowerShell Toolbox
PowerShell Reports
Out-of-the-Box SPE Features
Bundled Tools
Audit Reports
Bonus Features
Programming Sitecore with PowerShell
Learning PowerShell as a Language
Components of SPE
Building Your First Module
UI Settings
SPE Remoting
Chapter 11: Extending the Experience Editor
Configuring Dynamic Placeholders
Customizing Renderings in the Experience Editor
Custom Experience Editor Buttons and Properties
Configuring Custom Component Toolbar Buttons
Configuring Custom Component Parameters
Configuring Custom Component Experience Editor Buttons

Professional Sitecore 8 Development

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