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Python Unit Test Automation

Python Unit Test Automation

Features of Python

Python language is a simple and minimalist language for all developers. Reading a well written and good Python program makes you feel as if you are reading English text.

Python is extremely easy for beginners to learn. There are an entire new generation of programmers is learning Python as their first programming language.

Python code is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to learn.

Next, Python is an open source project. It means its source code is freely available. You can change it to suit your needs and use the original and the change code in your applications.

For example, now our online community are using the Kodi app, it wrote by the Python source code.

Besides, Python supports object-oriented programming. It means the program is built around objects that combine data and the related functionality. Python is a very simple but powerful object-oriented programming language.

Quickly learn how to automate unit testing of Python 3 code with Python 3 automation libraries, such as doctest, unittest, nose, nose2, and pytest.

This book explores the important concepts in software testing and their implementation in Python 3 and shows you how to automate, organize, and execute unit tests for this language. This knowledge is often acquired by reading source code, manuals, and posting questions on community forums, which tends to be a slow and painful process.

Python Unit Test Automation will allow you to quickly ramp up your understanding of unit test libraries for Python 3 through the practical use of code examples and exercises. All of which makes this book a great resource for software developers and testers who want to get started with unit test automation in Python 3 and compare the differences with Python 2.

This short work is your must-have quick start guide to mastering the essential concepts of software testing in Python.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Essential concepts in software testing
  • Various test automation libraries for Python, such as doctest, unittest, nose, nose2, and pytest
  • Test-driven development and best practices for test automation in Python
  • Code examples and exercises
Who This Book Is For:
Python developers, software testers, open source enthusiasts, and contributors to the Python community

Python Unit Test Automation: Practical Techniques for Python Developers and Testers

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