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Speed up your PC using Smart Defrag 5

Speed up your PC using Smart Defrag 5

When you first use a new hard drive, everything you install or copy onto it is laid out in neat, contiguous sections. As
the drive fills up, however, the amount of free space diminishes, and when you move and delete data, your files end up being spread across different sections of the drive, which makes accessing them that little bit slower.

Defragging your hard drive can deliver some speed benefits by reordering the contents to ensure that any data that should be grouped together is together. Windows comes with its own built-in disk defragmenter, but Smart Defrag is a much more powerful alternative, with intelligent features that can move frequently used files to the fastest areas of the drive where they can be accessed more quickly. It also offers a special Trim option for SSDs, which shouldn’t be
defragged in the same way as a mechanical hard drive.

The latest version of Smart Defrag benefits from a new defrag engine and supports multi-threading for much speedier defragmentation. The developer, IObit, says version 5 is 50 percent faster than Smart Defrag 4 and significantly quicker than Windows 10’s own defrag tool. The software automatically applies the most suitable defrag method for different drives.

Other useful features in the updated version include Large Files Defrag and Game Optimize. The latter is designed
to reduce game loading times and improve performance. Smart Defrag 5 can even defrag Registry files before startup, as well as other files that can’t be changed while the system is running.

As you might expect, the interface has had a makeover, too. It is now more colourful and offers better compatibility
with high-resolution displays.

Step 1: When you launch Smart Defrag, it scans your PC for available drives and displays a coloured tile for each one it finds. You can choose which drives to include. Click Smart Optimize and the program gets to work. Hovering your mouse over the arrow to the right of this button reveals alternative choices.

Step 2: If you’ve selected multiple drives, Smart Defrag will optimise them in sequence. SSDs are ‘Trimmed’ for better performance (the process tells the SSD which blocks of data are no longer considered in use so they can be
wiped). You can pause or stop the process and set the program to shut down your PC when finished.

Step 3: Smart Defrag can also optimise Windows apps and any other file or folder you choose. The tabs along the top give you access to the Game Optimize, Boot Time Defrag and Action Center features. This last one lets you install and run other IObit programs. Click the hamburger button to customise the software.

Speed up your PC using Smart Defrag 5

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