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Top 10 cloud-based apps

Top 10 cloud-based apps

Dropbox provides a handy virtual folder for all of your images and files. It can integrate itself into mobile and desktop systems and feels like an embedded part of the software and is exceptionally quick in daily use.

For a low monthly charge, Netflix can stream hundreds of films and TV shows to a connected desktop or mobile device. It uses the cloud to deliver content and to save the last place you were watching so that you can pick up your viewing from any device you own.

This easy-to-use free apps lets you make notes, creat to-do lists and so on and then get everything synced across all devices. It is a great way to stay organised and has proved massively popular across platform.

Google Drive
Google Drive acts a great place to store your various files, but it also has Google Docs integrated in to it, allowing you to create documents, spreadsheet and presentations wherever, and whenever you are. Sync the app with your PC or Mac for best results.

For anyone unsur of just how secure date kept in the cloud is, this app provides passcode protection as well as a great range of features, including streaming videos, note-taking, voice memos, photo-sync and much more.

Amazon Video
Amazon Instant Video lets you stream films directly to iPads, PCs and other devices. With a monthly subscription you can choose from thousands of titles. You can save your viewing place and do so much more with this service.

Pogoplug is a cloud storage solution aimed primarily at mobile devices. With 5GB of free storage and compatibility with a wide range of files, it’s a worthy solution for those who don’t need lots of advanced functionality.

With SoundCloud you can create recordings and share them via Twitter, Facebook and many other ways. It’s a very powerful tool and one that is capable of bringing out much creativity. It also supports a wide range of platforms.

MEGA by name, mega by nature as this cloud service serves up a quite formidable 50GB of free online storage. It also features photo-sync but essentially it is just a massive online skip where you can dump and store your files until a time of need.

If you have a lot of cloud computing accounts then this app lets you handily access them all from one app to transfer files between them and find what you need quickly and easily.

Top 10 cloud-based apps

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